Think about the questions below, and share your answers in the comments section. I want to know what you experience.

Do you see a pattern that holds you back from getting your message or your work out into the world? If so, what is it?

What commitment do you want to make to the people you want to serve?

For how long do you want to make this commitment, and who feels like the right person(s) to witness your commitment?

To you and your voice,


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  1. Mikayla says:

    Prettty nihe post. I just stumbled upoon your weblog and wanted too say that
    I have really enjoyed surfing aroound your blog posts.
    In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I holpe you write agaain very soon!

  2. Tilasa says:

    So!!! Some months Ago in Amritabha Lightcenter, i had a “promice ceremony” that i will BRING and BE and ENJOY all my power in this life!
    Now i promise to consantrate to my core to make it real, because i’m really spend my power a lot! I am telling my promise to the core’s of all the planets!
    Thank you <3

  3. Caroline says:

    I totally know what you mean when you say you used to feel all focused, positive and confident one day or even for a few days and then some doubt or lack of confidence would sneak in and you’d back right down. I do this all the time. And a very lovely friend also recognised this in me and pointed it out to me (similar to you). I think I resist because I feel a terror that I wont cope somehow. I am at the end of a very bad marriage where I have been told daily that I am a failure, useless, don’t earn enough, will end up poor and struggling. I try not to let this become part of my belief system but I think it creeps in. I have a huge message for people that I know will help them, especially women. I flew to New York this year to gather new information that I needed to incorporate into my message (that’s when I was on a confident, focussed week) but now I have not done anything more to progress my ideas. I feel stuck. That is why I’m so glad I found your site and believe it will help me.

  4. Judith says:

    My pattern of holding back is doing more research – thinking I don’t know enough plus doing ‘busyness’ stuff that doesn’t impact on my fledging business.
    I want to help parents in business simplify their potentially complicated lives and enjoy their family too by rewriting the parenting/business ‘rule book’. The forward in this ‘book’ will read, “You can be great in business and great in the business of parenting.”
    I’ve made a one year commitment to do everything I can to achieve this. I’ve also had a commitment ceremony and I’m using a forgotten, simple and gorgeous ring to anchor it all. It’s a brilliant, visual and timely way to remind myself to get my ass into gear!

    • KC Baker says:

      Beautiful, Judith. I love that you had your commitment ceremony and you found a gorgeous ring to anchor it in. Yes! I so look forward to hearing what is birthed through your year-long commitment!


  5. Janet says:

    I know that doubt and fear have stopped me from sharing my insights. I keep waiting for some great lightening bolt to propel me forward and give me confidence and courage and connections… So I have been waiting for years. I have made small attempts, but doubts and fears always stop me. I will have to think about what commitment to make. How do I know that my Diamond Insight is the one I need to teach? Will I just be wasting my time? Who will want to listen to me? What makes me think I have anything important to say? LOL Yep, doubts and fears are still there.

    • KC Baker says:

      I so honor you for sharing your truth here, Janet. So many of us struggle with the exact same fears. I certainly did.

      If you haven’t already, I encourage you to watch the next video on Courage. I think it can really support you with this.

      Keep speaking up, Janet. We need your voice.


  6. Carol says:

    Thank you KC, i always struggle with commitment and your insights are awesome! will do the ceremony and get myself a ring that will be a constant reminder.

  7. This is not easy for me.
    But I make my commitment now.
    I am different to many people.
    What holds me back is that i fear the world will judge that would i present and stand for i incomparable. My mission is to write Jesus real stories because I was there and i have started to write this down in 2 books the third one in work. But I see myself not present a esoteric author but to be and work with women leaders. Be a women world leader. Claim my role as a female apostle and enter the world of business with this message for the aim of the new earth we are creating. I can help women rise , but the business world that i want to belong to may reject my spiritual work and worldview. I commit to stand for my mystic visions and psychic realms and commit to rise as a feminine leader and help women leader rise. I commit to bring spirituality in the business world.

    • KC Baker says:

      I love this powerful commitment of yours, Durga. Yes. Fully committing is not always easy at first. Yet, when you get in touch with the suffering that is caused by the challenge or struggle that you feel deeply called to help transform, that is where you can anchor your commitment.

      Beautiful, Durga!


    • Durga, I just wanted to let you know that I RESONATE with your message and your calling. To be in business, women’s leadership AND be a female APOSTLE. To be spiritual AND business oriented. To be BOTH to be something NEW that we haven’t seen before to create our new earth / world! PLEASE let your work come through so I can participate and others like me can find you. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR WORK! Love, Blake <3

    • Tilasa says:

      Durga, wow! wow! wow!
      Everytime i fear, i remind to myself your steps, your start at those difficult years! How big is your love that can melt so much fear and write these books, open new paths, insire so many people! Thank you! <3

  8. Natalie says:

    Oooh I love bling. I wear something on myself everyday that reminds me of my brilliance (diamond earings/necklace/ring or all of them 🙂

    Thank you KC for reminding me of a very important message: Commitment. I had a commitment ceremony for myself but had not made a commitment to my business, to serve all the brilliant women that may need my help. By not sharing my message and the work I came here to do – I am denying the world a great gift. I commit.

    • KC Baker says:

      Yes! Please don’t deny us of your great gift, Natalie. We need it. I’m SO happy to hear your commitment to sharing your message. Keep going!


  9. Melanie says:

    AHHHH! An actual ceremony, proclaiming to yourself and witnesses and the universe that you reallllly will do it this time. I love it. It is hard to imagine that there are so many women that have this same problem as me. The one you just described in this video. Start, back off, start again, change ideas, beat self up, get excited, start again, etc etc etc. I am absolutely going to do this. I know the perfect place too. And I truly believe in the idea of an anchor like your ring to serve as reminder. I did that years ago when I had a significant amount of weight to lose. worked really well for me. Thanks for being the visual anchor here to remind me I am capable of doing this, I just have to do it.

  10. Thanks KC for reminding me that Commitment is about staying in action. I know that I can do better than I am doing now and stop apathy from creeping in. My own mindful movement practice often gets me so chilled that just the thought of doing anything else seems like too much effort. You’ve reminded me that it’s all about staying coherent, in balance and most of all…. staying in action. I love the simplicity of your message and am so grateful for the time you have taken to share your wisdom.

    • KC Baker says:

      Wonderful, Yasmin. I’m so glad you shared this. Yes to finding a practice that has you feeling coherent and in balance, and yes to staying in action. You can totally do this. I believe in you.


  11. Christine MJ says:

    This is a great idea. I’ve done some mini rituals and commitment ceremonies in the past, but they didn’t really “stick”. Now I see there were a few key elements (witnesses + reminder/token) that were missing. Thanks for this.

  12. Lana says:

    I LOVE this video and the message you convey. I love that you’re sharing such an intimate, personal part of your life and using your success to empower women. I’m so grateful I found you… through my husband! He knows that I love to connect with women who are dedicated to their mission and making a positive impact in the world, and sent me a link to your site. I was blown away after watching only one short clip of you speaking. The way you articulate your stories are so authentic and that resonates with me on such a deep level!
    Joe chatted with David and mentioned this commitment ceremony. Joe told me that I need to do the same as this story you shared is so very familiar to me. I have had such a hard time sticking to one path, as I have so many passions and am drawn in so many different directions. Once I commit, how do I know I’ve chosen the right path? What if I spend a year and find out it’s not right? I’m finding that the only way to know is to give it my all… It’s so incredibly profound to hear you speak about this ceremony. I’m totally inspired to move forward in this way, with clarity! I am eagerly awaiting the next video, and want to express my gratitude once again, for you work and authenticity.

    • KC Baker says:

      Lana – ” I’m finding that the only way to know is to give it my all” – YES.
      That’s the only way.

      And your husband is a gem.

      So happy you have found me and you are inviting me into your journey. Such love to you, KC

  13. Niobe says:

    KC, thank you so much for being my guide to sharing my voice! You are a true inspiration. This video got to the core of what is happening within me. I know my message is viable. How much feedback and how many testimonials do I need for goodness sake? This has been the question that I have been asking myself this past year. The answers that came were: Self doubt;”not enough letters behind my name” what kind of credibility do I have other than the school of life? I now know in my body that this is absolutely not the truth. I am getting over this one easily. Fear; “Will I be able to make a living doing this?” The energy that is building up inside of me can’t listen to this one anymore either. Resistance; I have tapped into my power and I am amazed and humbled by it. So why resist that? Old programming of what a woman’s place was in this world. All of these have been reaching a tipping point within me.Recently I realized that commitment was what was missing. Your suggestion of a commitment ceremony is exactly what I need. I am committing to serving my people and community by offering the events I have been resisting to offer. I am going to go for it and schedule out this next year!
    I look forward to creating my commitment ceremony that will be witnessed by my partner Gil.

  14. I am sharing this with my accountability partners. Life occurences have gotten in the way more than one time and that is what deterred me from my commitment. I am working to be more committed so that I can enjoy my genius and share it with others and see the impact that my experiences have had over the years and how they are useful today.

  15. Joanne Ameya says:

    I absolutely love this idea…
    A couple of months ago I did a ceremony about who I am as a woman in the world. And one of my best friends held space for me as I declared myself more fully.
    As a woman who loves ceremony and commitment to myself, I am going to take this idea and create a ceremony committing to my path of work and service in this world. Taking a stand for who I am and what gifts I share seems quite powerful and potent.
    I think I got to go plan me a little ceremony!! with love!

  16. Jodie says:

    I love the commitment ceremony KC! My clients do a similar practice by creating a Sexy Soul Contract with themselves. I too completely resonate with this process of divine download and inspiration, write it out, & even put timelines on things then not follow through. I think I tell myself “It’s been done before and said a million times a million different ways”. I’m not sure I’ve ever admitted this fully until now. So, now I get to say, “Sure it has but never by me and in my way that will get someone to listen for the first time or someone to hear it a different way or in the perfect time.” I’m not sure where this desire to invent comes from but time to let it go. (;

  17. Amie says:

    Having been going through that pattern you described for about a year now I have just made a firm decision about my business and where I want to be in 12 months and how I want to help women to stand in their power. I have literally this week made that commitment to myself, I have cleansed out all the things that weren’t serving me, paperwork etc and I feel like I can see again now, I have clarity of where I am heading, who I want to work with, how I want to work with them and the transformation I want them to have.

  18. Hi KC,

    I really liked your comment back earlier in the tread which speaks to the resistance we feel in our bodies, as we make our way in the world toward our brilliance. This resistance being our power. It is our power and I believe so many women feel this tension because collectively women have not held power in the world for thousands of years. Collectively we do not have any experience with how it feels, so now when we are moving into the energetic feminine energies and balancing the old masculine energies with the feminine we are collectively experiencing this for the first time and it can be scary. We have to move past thousands of years of repression of having power over us, our bodies, our livelihoods, and up to winning the vote in the US in the 1920’s over our choice and voice. So for our sisters still reaching for her power elsewhere in the world, we women in the west need to push through that resistance and take and hold our power now. As we push through to embrace our own power, it will create an energetic tipping point for shifts to happen elsewhere.

  19. Alice says:

    I am not able to see the videos, for some reason… And I can tell they are good! I did get to see the PDF of Clarity.

    • KC Baker says:

      Hi Alice, That’s so strange! Can you actually see the video but not have it play? Or are you not seeing the video at all? KC’s Team

  20. You always amaze me! I absolutely love working with you! Thank you! xoxox

  21. Kerilyn says:

    Wow that is a BRILLIANT idea. Having a commitment ceremony would definitely be giving myself the PERMISSION to stay the course, even when I feel that doubt come in! then solidify that with an actual object (for me it would be a ring too) I think would ABSOLUTELY remind me of my mission.

    Thank you!!!

    • KC Baker says:

      Awesome;) Makes me happy to hear you resonate with this. I’d love to hear what you come up with as your ceremony, and what your commitment is to. xoxo KC

  22. Tamera says:

    Love, love, love this message! This one idea was the reason that I started following your journey a few months ago…and hearing the message that you are sharing with women everywhere!

    • KC Baker says:

      I’m so glad you resonate with this! Would love to hear of your commitment ceremony – what you commit to, how you do it. KC

  23. My commitment is to spread the good news that we are Masters of our Destiny. This is our God-given right as children and images of God. Right now people struggle because they do not know what it means to be children and images of God. They live in poverty, in hate, in pain, in disease, and in slavery, because they do not know their power. I have written 3 books which I published as eBooks a few months ago. Now I need to go out there to speak about what I have written about. I have a passion to see humanity freed through knowledge and personal growth and self-realization.

    I have been confused as to how it is all going to happen. And I have this self-doubt that maybe people will mock me or not take me seriously. Yet, deep down I know that people are looking for answers. They are tired of all the lies that they have been sold.

    Now I understand that the way has not opened because I am not committed yet to the mission. So I will hold a ceremony in a few days’ time. I think the ceremony is my answer. Thank KC for pointing the way.

    • KC Baker says:

      Sipiwe – this is so beautiful to read. I love this: “Masters of our Destiny.” And I love you are already sharing your message with others through your ebooks. Yes, speaking will be a big next step, and you can totally do it. I would really like to hear about your commitment ceremony once you have it. Write in here and share about it with us, if you feel moved to. Sending you many blessings for your commitment ceremony and your mission. Love, KC

  24. Naomi Colb says:

    KC, I appreciate your courage and commitment. I step back when I have a run of success and my critter brain mind chatter warn me that I am becoming arrogant and full of ego over my accomplishments. I fear that others will try to take me out of the game if I get too visible. I am a boomer who witnessed JFK, John Lennon and MLK being shot and had relatives who had to leave the US during the McCarthy era. My parents warned me to live under the radar. I commit to be willing to be more visible in modeling,teaching and coaching the joy of living a sensual,experientially wealthy, philanthropic and spiritually fulfilling… yet materialistically minimalist lifestyle.

    • KC Baker says:

      “I commit to be willing to be more visible in modeling,teaching and coaching the joy of living a sensual,experientially wealthy, philanthropic and spiritually fulfilling… yet materialistically minimalist lifestyle.”— Beautiful, Naomi. Beautiful. KC

  25. Chantal Cyr says:

    My pattern is self-doudbt the moment I try to articulate my point of view. An earth quake takes over inside, I than become anxious, than I simply walk away. I do want to commit. I do. My commitment is to teach people to stop and listen to themselves, their bodies and their instincts. I want to commit for as long as I can. The perfect person to witness my commitment is my husband.
    Thank you KC for sharing!

    • KC Baker says:

      Hi Chantal – I’m really glad you wrote in here. I completely resonate with what you describe here: “An earth quake takes over inside, I than become anxious, than I simply walk away. ” Have you seen my TEDx talk where I talk about the intensity of energy that comes up when we speak our truth (whether it be in front of one person or 1000)?
      If not, watch this and see if the shift in perspective I share there helps out. xoxo KC

  26. Jen says:

    KC- YESSSSS!! Thank you for sharing!! I have the same pattern. Inspiration, then self-doubt, then anxiety and depression for not following through. I love the idea of a commitment ceremony and symbol to keep the energy anchored and at the forefront. I am so grateful to have watched this video today. Thank you!!

  27. Karen Palmer says:

    My commitment and I am asking everyone who reads this to be my accountability partner? I am committed to being a voice for the voiceless for using my painful experiences to help other women and teenagers make the choice to love themselves. To teach people that their pets are theit greatest spiritual teacher and when we learn the loving lessons and applying them we TRANSFORM our planet with love. Thank you for helping me see my clarity and commitment I feel so empowered and GRATEFUL KC what a gift you are. Blessings and Love, Karen Palmer

    • Hi Karen, go for it girl! I am happy to be your accountability partner.

    • KC Baker says:

      Hi Karen – I will absolutely be your virtual witness:) I love this: “To teach people that their pets are theit greatest spiritual teacher and when we learn the loving lessons and applying them we TRANSFORM our planet with love.”

      My cat has been a huge teacher for me. Mostly about being totally honest about what I want and don’t want…and that there’s really nothing personal about it. Simple, but powerful.

      I love your mission and support you completely in your commitment. KC

  28. Lidija says:

    Thank you…:-)… You are amazing.. I had self doubt and huge fear being in front of camera… 6 months ago I made commitment that I’ll do no matter what…and my is out….:-)……. I love, love your videos and your tips… much love from Croatia…

  29. Ayla Mellani says:

    I really appreciate the recommendation for not only making a commitment, but also finding a way to have it in your awareness everyday with something tangible like a ring. I know this is my year to communicate the vision that lives in my heart in a much larger way than I ever have before… a commitment ceremony and a ring are just the thing that will help in moments when fear rises and I’d rather shrink back and play it safe… looks like I’m going ring shopping! Loving the videos KC…

    • Sipiwe says:

      Go for it sister. I am in the same boat as you are. I have this brilliant message for humanity and I am shrinking back!

    • KC Baker says:

      Awesome. I am sure you’ll find the perfect ring. Mine was so totally the “right one” the moment I saw it. Sending you many blessings for your commitment ceremony. Love, KC

  30. Z says:

    KC, I’m really loving your videos and your commitment to women’s empowerment. It’s coming to me at just the right time when I realizing I need to make a definite switch in my career. I’ve been trying to straddle two worlds – one gives me a big paycheck; the other one requires me to learn from the bottom up. But straddling two world, neither fully committed to either is draining and ultimately unfulfilling. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me that I am powerful and if I can make the commitment there is no stopping me.

    • Sipiwe says:

      Hi Z.I can understand you. I used to be torn like that, with a good profession and a nice paycheck on the one hand, the unknown on the other. External forces took care of that and I found myself with plenty of time to pursue the unknown. I have now written 3 books in a series. I am now stuck at a new hurdle, i.e. fear and self-doubt to go out there and speak about what I have written about which I believe in. This is where I hope KC will help me.

    • KC Baker says:

      ” I am powerful and if I can make the commitment there is no stopping me.” – Right On!
      Totally in support of you. You will catch yourself whenever you leap…


  31. Marnee Setty says:

    I have some self doubt but I’m generally confident I can do whatever I put my mind to and can learn what I need to learn to excel at it. But, I have some deeper resistance to rise to my potential. It causes anxiety, shallow breathing, and muscle tension. I’m simultaneously excited and taking forward steps while feeling anxious and nervous over something deeply felt that I haven’t quite dug out and uprooted.

    • KC Baker says:

      Hi Marnee, I completely relate to this. I can only infer from the small amount you wrote here, but what you write about the resistance is very important. First of all, I recommend you read Barbara Stanny’s Book called “Secrets of Six Figure Women”. Basically, the one thing they all had in common was living in a constant state of intense energy in their body. For some it was “terror”, for some “resistance”, some “anxiety”, some “excitement”..but the core is that it’s intense energy, whatever you may call it. I see that that feeling, that intense energy, in its purest form, is our power. The very real felt experience of our power. No one ever sits you down in highschool and tells you that that’s what that is and as you go for your dreams and push into new edges of creation and expression, that you will likely feel this intensity. So, we walk around not fully understanding it’s source, and we have resistance to it. That resistance creates tension. But if you were to simply say a true, deep “yes” to the intensity of energy in your body, and breathe into it whenever it arises, you will experience a more pleasurable relationship to this intensity of energy. The intensity of energy does not go away. Our power and the intensity of it will always be with us as we evolve into higher levels of our work and creativity in the world. But our relationship to it can transform. We are not victims to it. It is our friend and here to support us in blossoming and serving.

      I hope this perspective is helpful in some way. I’d love to see you freed up to totally rock it.


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