Think about the questions below, and share your answers in the comments section. I want to know what you experience.

What insights did you have from watching this video?

Do you see a pattern of comparing yourself to other women that feels painful?

What would your life be like if you used Fertile Listening with women, and also received it from them? How would that feel?

To you and your voice,




43 Responses to Community

  1. Joni says:

    Your wisdom is such a gift to me right now K.C. I heard your interview with Amy Ahlers this week and was so touched by your sharing. I was in the midst of an epic doubt battle within me.

    When you spoke of the desire to be seen and heard as Holy it brought me to tears. I am committed to sharing my diamond insight to honor your Sacred Feminine Essence. It is your most precious gift.

    I have cleared so many layers of fear and doubt about coming out publicly on this and yet as I prepare to take my next step, I feel an ancient, frozen, soul fear that tells me I will be taken out. I continue forward and am getting the support I need to release it at the level of the body. But I know it has impacted my ability to be fully present and deeply listening or as you say fertile listening to the women around me at times.

    This was a good reminder to practice getting out of myself and focusing on my sister and her brilliance. That’s how I can honor her and the Essence of the Sacred Feminine she is expressing.

    With deep gratitude, Joni Advent Maher

  2. Renate Mayas says:

    This is great! I will practise! And make experiences!
    Until now I mostly felt overpowered by strong women,
    and listening to clients somewhere inside heavy stuff was
    kept in me not flowing through,
    so it loadede me.
    I guess it needs a totally clear heart to give this
    support to another (fertile listening)truely and
    not ust trying by good will.
    Much love, Anjana Renate

  3. Tilasa says:

    A succesfull woman gives me the courage and the inspiration to go on!
    I remember to jelouse when i forgot myself! When i made me smaller!
    I am me when i see the great Mother and the Aphrodite inside me. Then i see everybody in their eyes like we are children <3
    Thank you

  4. I feel so grateful for this space you have created for all of us !
    The belief that “I have to be like them to be loved and accepted” has been so terrible painful to me since my childhood. I suffered from it for so long. At a life turning point I asked myself, “Who’s life am I living?” – and I realised that “likeness attracts likeness” , so better to be myself and I will be loved and accepted by people who are like me – and the rest doesn’t really matter. It has been an amazing journey so far. Five years ago I discovered the ancient practice of women’s circles, and it has completely transformed the way I relate to women. I am now on my way to share my truth and message in a big way with the world. I feel I am finally dropping the last pieces of masks I am wearing. It’s a beautiful process, and it is possible for every one , and more enjoyable if we do it together 🙂
    I’d love to join your course next time – I am traveling extensively these days and cannot commit to this important programme right now.
    Many blessings to all of us…
    LOVE xxx

    • KC Baker says:

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful truth, Samiel. I’m grateful you found your way here, and I just love that you feel like you’re dropping the last pieces of masks you’re wearing. So empowering. And yes to doing it together!

      It would be an honor to have you in the course down the road when the time is right for you.

      So much love,

  5. Judith says:

    Oh my, where to start!

    The insights are that on a number of levels I compare myself to others – complete with huge dollops of envy, jealousy and also, am I good enough? The self doubt jumps in to stir it all up! That’s painful in itself as I know I have great stuff to get out there and am sometimes paralysed by seeing and comparing what others have and are doing. Thinking about this now – I see these people at a time when they’ve ironed all (or most of) the kinks out and recognise that they’ve probably been in this cycle at some point in their life. I loved “there is no scarcity on shining in this world.” Gorgeous. 🙂

    Fertile listening is such a valuable and very under used tool by many in today’s society! I love holding a safe space for people where they feel really valued and honoured. It makes such a huge difference to both parties. I love listening and it’s quite a skill to ‘switch off’ my own wandering thoughts (what am I going to cook for dinner tonight? etc) so I can be totally present. I have written this next statement down and it’s pinned up on my wall as a reminder, “I have to listen for their greatness.” Simple and effective.
    Thanks KC 🙂 x

    • KC Baker says:

      I’m touched by your share, Judith. I love the powerful insights you’re having. So rich. So beautiful. I have such faith in you.

      And I love that you pinned, “I have to listen for their greatness” on your wall!!

      So much love,

  6. Athena Grace says:

    Good golly! Where do I begin? This is such a rich topic!!! The truth is, I feel jealous of you, kc Baker! Your website is so professional and clean and inspiring. You present yourself powerfully and clear. God I want to be and create all that too! It *seems* like you have something that I don’t. I know that’s not true. I am feeling intense emotion as I reach inside and feel for what there is to express right now. It’s a combination of sadness and anger. Part of me wants to collapse in self pitying sobs, and part of me wants to scream and kick down the walls of oppression within me.
    I am present to the deep program of scarcity that has been running me for so long. This idea that there is enough for all of us is CRUCIAL to the transformation of the planet!!! I get it. And I also have experienced many times how the outside world shows up according to who I am being. The implications of this are potent. I believe that the outside world shows up entirely as a reflection of our inner reality. That means we are capable of creating a world of peace, harmony and abundance for all by being fully committed to the inner work!!! Wow. I find this simaltaneously daunting and thrilling.
    When I imagine practicing fertile listening in all my relationships, I feel the resistance of the victim in me get louder. Ugh! Must be the ego fighting for its life! I DO believe that we create little mini cultures within all of our relationships and communities, just by the way we show up and participate. Whether we own it or not! So creating a culture of fertile listening makes perfect sense to me! That is the world I want to live in!!! I say YES!!! In the face of my bullshit resistance. Turn toward the light, Athena!!!
    Thank you for reminding US of who we are!!!

    • KC Baker says:

      I SO appreciate your honesty here, Athena. By sharing your truth, you speak for so many women. I used to feel that kind of jealousy too.

      I love that this video supported you in remember who YOU are. Keep coming back to that. We absolutely need your voice.

      So much love,

    • You are brilliantly articulate and honest. Thank you for that…I know that screaming inside…it moved me many decades ago to reach outside myself and work with teachers and visionaries…What came up for me when I read your post was how you would nurture your soul to have a mentor…we all show each other the way…I started working with someone recently and it’s holding me accountable to be in my power…thanks again for your truth!!! wishing you all good things.

  7. I appreciated and enjoyed your talk in dare to be seen and heard, which lead me to your gift of the 5 keys!I grew up in a house hold steeped in secrets and mental illness, where my mom’s paranoia and strong conviction that the world was out to get us and woman were jealous and ready to tear us down was a daily staple- It created so much pain and fear in my life. This notion has always choked me. I have spent my life rebelling against it, succumbing to it and finally, recently, have come to see it for the Illusion it truly is! It’s no surprise to me that I had the opportunity to experience you and your message at this time in my life. Another marker on my Souls’s journey. Thank You and Good luck with all your future projects. xofelish

    • KC Baker says:

      Wow. What a powerful journey you’ve been on, Felicia. I so appreciate you sharing your story, and I’m deeply honored that my message can be a supportive part of your Soul’s journey. Absolutely beautiful.

      So much love,

  8. Carol says:

    Thanks KC, another awesome video! No scarcity for shining – i love that! I just realized that maybe people do REALLY want to listen intently to what i have to say, as i listen and support them and their work too, and we can do the dance. I will work on ‘amplifying’ my voice a little more – show up – and allow others to hear me and support me too. An over-giver transitioning and relaxing into receiving.

    • KC Baker says:

      Carol–Yes!! Such a powerful moment to really get that we SO want to hear what you have to say! Please give it to us.

      We need your voice.


  9. Karen says:

    hi KC
    I’ve loved the other videos, thank you…but I can’t play this one – I’ve opened it several times but no luck. Any suggestions? I’d love to see it
    thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom
    Karen x

    • KC Baker says:

      Hi Karen, Oh no! So sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I’ll have someone from my client care team reach out to you about this. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the other videos!


    • Stacey says:

      Hi Karen! We’d love to help troubleshoot this for you. Can you please send an email to We can then see what the issue might be.


  10. When women start to see the Shakti in the eyes of the other one , comparrsion and competion will distinguish. When i am uncomfortable in my own skin I am a bad listeners. I love the idea of fertile listing. When i see and listen to another women i grow my own inner garden. To listen and grow richer is a beautiful idea.

  11. I love the term ‘fertile listening’! It is perfect for the confidence coaching work I do with women. By holding each client as naturally creative and resourceful, they then start to see themselves the same way. It’s pretty awesome! However, I have to say I do not have the same experience with women in my every day life….it never occurred to me before but I am excited to start consciously practicing fertile listening with women in my personal life now and see what happens!

    • KC Baker says:

      Beautiful, Danielle. I love that you’re having this exquisite experience with your clients. Yes, I absolutely encourage to try this more with the other women in your life. It’s been such a powerful practice for me with women in all areas of my life… I’m excited for you!


  12. Colleen says:

    I think this was a beautiful way of explaining what is happening when we allow that space for others to shine. Fertile listening has been a real strength of mine since a child, but what I actually struggle with is being a “fertile talker”.

    For me listening is easy but talking is hard. KC I would love to hear what you think gives someone the ability to create fertile listening in their audience?

    • KC Baker says:

      This is a fantastic question, Colleen.

      The most important thing you can do is to truly OWN what you have to say. Energetically “lean in” to every single word you say. Really GIVE it. The more you own what you have to say and lean into every word as you give it, the more the audience will lean in with you.

      Keep up that fertile listening for the women in your life.


  13. Christine MJ says:

    I’ve heard KC talk about this concept before and have started reminding myself when I’m working with clients, “listen like they’re about to say something brilliant!” and it really does make a huge difference in how we connect and their experience. Such a simple and powerful tool!

  14. I never understood, until now, why my work with clients makes them feel so special and brings out their brilliance. They’ve all described it as, “Kristina listens, really listens to me”, and after hearing that again and again, I thought “there must be something more going on here than plain old listening”. Now I understand, I was unknowingly using fertile listening. Now that I get that, I can use it everywhere, and I can also better explain it in my marketing materials. I’m so excited about this – I’ve already seen its power in one area of my life, and I can’t wait to see what happens when I’m always using it. Thank you!

  15. Niobe says:

    I realized that I have naturally done this in certain situations, like with my audience members or with different peers. I can see and feel the depth and power of being present by this way of listening. Aaah! So this is what that energy charge is between us?! It takes us or the group up several amps up in wattage! It feels like a cellular battery charge! To have this be a way of life? I would feel heard, empowered and capable of achieving any and all of my dreams! And I believe my sisters would feel the same! This is a super power KC! Thank you!

    Recently I found myself experiencing envy over a sister friends life. Then as I got closer into her life, I found that she had her own trials and tribulations. And I would not want her life. It is hers. Her world that she co-creates every day. It is not for me to be envious of. I have my own world. And then I realized that she was looking at me with her own envy of my life. It was a silent presence between us and we never discussed it. I know we both felt it. I wonder what could happen if we opened up a dialogue with both us using fertile listening. Hmm, Maybe the friendship could be saved….

  16. Michael says:

    ……….5 practicle tools for stepping into your higher self ……Thank you KC… a man this is not just for women because regardless of sex there is the divine masculine and the divine feminine we seek within and within our relationships and unions
    In healing you have heard a good doctor is a good listener (Community ) ;. has compassion (the mirror of wisdom )
    has clarity (heart intuiition ) Courage (is willing to risk ) and Comitment (dedicated to his transformational message/and practice.

    These are also the ethics of soverignity ( Confucious and Lao Tzu ; the Tao ) Soverignity we were born with ; its our divine inheritance ; we had it before we ever knew pain anger or sadness ; Its our choice whether we want to reclaim it ; to let go our personal wants ( ego power wealth) for those of the greater whole; Sovereignty seeks no fame ; leaves no statue ; or footprint ;except for the hapiness and peace in others ……..With heartfelt thanks //Michael

  17. Madeleine says:

    This is such a powerful practice! I’ve been doing something similar for many years and I totally agree that the way I listen to people can absolutely transform the way they express themselves. But I’ve also felt those surges of envy and jealousy many-many times, and it’s really painful. I used to beat myself for having such ugly feelings, but then my Tantric and Shamanic practices helped me to understand that all feelings are in fact fertile. Anything that is present at the moment is a wonder that deserves fertile listening – even those “ugly” feelings – and it’s not my business to judge them. I don’t mean that I choose to indulge in envy, jealousy and self-disrespect. What I mean is, when I choose to just be present with whatever I’m experiencing, somehow real magic can happen: instead of trying to get rid of the pain of experiencing envy, I can feel the creative energy that is packed in that ugly feeling, and when I stay present, I can see that the envy is just a distorted form of my desire to create something meaningful, to share my message and shine. So then I just smile at that jealousy, and it’s gone – I become really happy for the success of another woman (or man), and I go and do the work which I need to do if I want to shine like “crazy diamond”.

  18. Janice says:

    Hi KC,
    Your images created about men in America’s culture of “lone tough guys” pioneering and building the future; I’m not buying it. The image of women in community simultaneously rising together eliminating men isn’t accurate either. God’s DNA, like the helix formation, or the evolutionary impulse is within the human species. In honesty and at heart, the feeling of kinship with men is equally felt. Understandably, the conditioning of culture imposes limited power upon women. However, THE POWER OF GOD’S PURE LOVE AND THE UNKNOWN IS NOT MANMADE OR CREATED OUTSIDE OF US. It is the understanding of this fact: “we are all creations of God” that will enabale us to create “Heaven on Earth” where we don’t have to wait until actual, physical death to feel, share, embrace, and live that Love; as IT IS THAT LOVE PROVIDING US LIFE IN EACH AND EVERY MOMENT!

  19. Susan says:

    You embody your belief KC and have inspired me to embrace Fertile Listening. I have put this into practice in my life but I am not always consistent. When I fall back into a place of fear my attitude towards others changes. Thank you for the gentle reminder to give of myself to lift others up and in turn elevating my spirit and making my heart sing. With much gratitude and blessings…SBB

  20. Jodie says:

    I feel like when we feel jealousy it’s a clue to pay attention to what we are depriving ourselves of what we really desire for ourselves. I compare a lot less than I used to but even looking at these 5 video topic I was laughing to myself saying, “See everything has already been said” because they are 5 C’s in my own program only instead of community I use connection. So, I immediately abandon that for I guess fear that others will think I took their idea, which means I have that believe somewhere in my subconscious thoughts as well. These thoughts create lack and it sounds to the universe like “There’s not enough”. I think I need the belief that we are really here to share the same message the uniqueness comes from how we have come to this place where we are standing and where we are going with the information. And, just like no story is right or wrong no direction, how we got here, or what we do with that information is neither right nor wrong as well. I believe I’m closer to Fertile listening than I’ve ever been, well naturally right? Reflecting on this what surfaced for me was a need for approval from other women most likely stemming from a previous unconscious desire to get noticed by my mom. I’ve been grieving a few lost friendships as I have stepped further into myself and the energy from them feels like the other side of Fertile listening–judgment. I’m being totally naked here but I have secretly been looking for their external approval. I’m going to have my own little commitment ceremony to letting their approval go. Which totally makes sense because it’s part of my mission to help others let go of “What do others think?”

  21. Lesley Loftis says:

    KC, how beautifully put…that we as women blossom TOGETHER, not when we pit ourselves against each other. I cannot be reminded of this enough. I definitely grew up with a “lack” mentality, that if someone had something I wanted it meant there was less for me. This made me feel stuck, powerless and small. But as I have learned how to integrate the mentality of abundance and community, my heart feels full, I have more love to give and everyone around me is more joyful.
    I will also take the concept of “fertile listening” with me into my practice as a counselor (which I am in school for right now)! I love this idea and feel listening is such a powerful tool in accessing the greatness within all of us.

  22. Sarah says:

    Thanks for this KC, I know that this dynamic affects how I show up. It’s something I want to work on re others – I’m not used to having others using fertile listening towards me!

  23. Stephanie says:

    KC, I love this video! Fertile Listening reminds me that it’s not just about me. It helps me get out of myself – out of my “ego, or head – and be present with another human being in an important way. Listening to, and for, another woman’s glory is a gift we should be giving in every circumstance! Love it 🙂

  24. Sipiwe says:

    Wow, thank you KC for this video. You are right when you say that a speaker who is supported is a better speaker than one who is criticized. Its all about giving energy to the one person which uplifts her. I like to see successful women because they show me what is possible for me to achieve.

  25. Kyah says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Fertile listening is absolutely life changing. New daily practice!

  26. Lori Reeves says:

    This message really resonated with me because it aligns so much with my mission in this world – to help women change the world by embracing their authenticity and truly being at peace with who they are. I believe that when a woman is truly comfortable in her skin, the competition and jealousy that sometimes arises at the sight or thought of another successful woman will fall away. Furthermore, the differences in each woman can be seen as a strength and a new possibility for collaboration and connection! I like to use an anaolgy of two candles. When two candles are lit, does the light of one candle make the light of the other look dimmer? No. They give off the same radiance. And furthermore, when they are brought together, their light shines even brighter. Thank you for the inspiration and for taking the time to put together all 5 of these inspiring videos! I will definitely be paying attention to my new-found listening super-power!!! 🙂

  27. Kucki Low says:

    Thank you KC for putting that out there, great advice. I love what you say and completely agree!I found that when a tinge of jealousy came up for me watching someone succeed at something that I hadn’t yet mastered. I reminded myself that I would not recognize that ability, if it wasn’t also inside me.That would help me make the shift from feeling a little jealous to being able to genuinely celebrate their success. What you give out always comes back to you tenfold.By supporting others to shine their light you will make your light shine brighter. By helping each other to reach our dreams we will become more powerful as women. BTW fertile listening also works wonders in your personal relationship. With much joy, Kucki

  28. Tamera says:

    Love this message…it is so easy to let yourself become engaged in feeling “less than” because someone else is enjoying success! I totally shine when I am with energetic, authentic, self assured women!

  29. Claudia says:

    One of the things that I have always had trouble with, as it refers to women, is fitting in. Most women find me to be intimidating. They always refer to me as being stuck up. Growing up I heard this so much that it really affected me. I use to try really hard to be nice and to always be on my best behavior because of it. I even learned to dumb myself down. Any ideas for how to get passed this? Thanks!

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