Think about the questions below, and share your answers in the comments section. I want to know what you experience.

What insights did you have from watching this video?

Do you see a pattern of looking for “external validation” first, before putting your work, or sharing what you have to say, out into the world?

What would your life be like if you had TOTAL “internal validation” of what you have to say & share?

To you and your voice,


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37 Responses to Courage

  1. Renate Mayas says:

    For 35 years following my inner truth and putting it out in my work
    in the last time I find a rest-part in me besides experiences with others –
    I guess it was always hidden somewhere – who wants acknowledgement by others and their attention! WHooooooooooo, disappointing, but
    tapping back inside to my inner worth-feeling and taking care of this part who may need love from myself was and is my practice now.
    This inner space you name, where we can find internal validation
    is it not behind or deeper than any personality-stuff?
    Thank you, Renate

  2. Tilasa says:

    Thank you. As more i see your videos i see you more and more beautifull from inside! Thank you for your love.
    My mission is to be Tilasa.
    So one part of this mission is to saw to people how to give fire into their core and shine as more as they can.
    The first step is by dancing! The lightcenter of happiness and our inner child!
    Thank you

  3. Ana Goncalves says:

    Thank you KC for another profound and empowering video.
    I really enjoyed it and again it’s very syncronistic.
    I realized that internal validation comes from standing in my power and claiming my value in the world and coming from that place of truth and authenticity and that it’s about trusting who I am and allowing myself to bring it forth freely and sharing that with the world.
    At the moment I am just sharing freely and getting out of the comfort zone and putting myself out there in a way that I know is best for myself and others, that will benefit the world as I figure that if i don’t share I’m dishonoring myself, like I have been and by shining my light and my message and giving others the chance to share their own light as well.
    Your videos are proving very timely and helpful to me right now, awakening and creating breakthroughs and I thank you for that, as it is exactly what I need. Your sincerity and kindness is the support that is true to where I am. As always with love your way to you and your family x

  4. Judith says:

    Just wow! It’s still percolating in me 🙂
    I feel that I’ve needed outside validation (even from just one person) to indicate that I’m on the right track – and to give me confidence.
    Now what I have to do is to look deep within to find my own internal validation – I know what I have to offer is powerful and transformative, and it can also be very simple and effective – and it works.
    I need to truly see how my message can impact on others and keep momentum and action going and going…

    • KC Baker says:

      Judith–Yes!! Keep letting this percolate, as you find your way to the deep internal validation inside of you. This is gold and you are on your way.


  5. Carol Mahinda says:

    Thanks KC for re-affirming internal validation, this will definitely help overcome the fear of being seen, of showing up in a big way. I am ok with smaller communities but hesitate to enter the bigger scope. Great insight!

  6. Elle Griffin says:

    Ahhh that external validation thing is driving me up the wall! As a mentor, writer & scholar of the Divine Feminine I often wonder, “who is going to read all of this? Who is going to want this kind of mentoring?” And as a result I always end up writing watered down pieces about hormones and health, because women’s health is so much more “relatable.”

    I still struggle with this. I have internal validation that the feminine and my most recent topic of study, Mariology, are soooo relevant to our worlds today. But I have a constant mental block that they won’t get anywhere, that these topics are too obscure. Without the external validation and the “market” I struggle with needing that external validation that my work is needed!

    Guess I’ll have to continue to work on this one!

    • KC Baker says:

      Thank you for sharing your truth here, Elle. I so hear you. It can be quite challenging.

      I encourage you to practice finding that place in you that absolutely knows how powerful and transformative your message is. It is okay for the doubt to exist too, but see if you can just set it aside for a moment to tap into how your message can impact others. Those people who are struggling with the challenge you can help them with–they absolutely NEED you. Please don’t deny them the gift of your message. Tap into the power of that.


  7. First I want to thank you. I listen with deep resonance to your message. I love you when i see your video.
    Now courage.
    I am Durga.
    I walked with Jesus.
    I come to earth remembering my heaven.
    I bring presents of the heaven.

    I rise the universal law and teach the reconnection with the divine.

  8. Thank you, KC,

    What you have shared in this video is speaking so deeply to both my heart and mind. As a participant in your 2013 Women’s Thought Leadership Society, I got crystalline clear on my message: “If you want a sensational life, pay attention to your sensations.” Still, I had my doubts about whether this message mattered. In one of the last sessions, I got individual coaching with you, and you kept encouraging me to find my own internal validation. I didn’t quite understand how to do it. But I trusted you, trusted the energy that was coming through me, and trusted my desire to be a thought leader.

    Really, it feels more like my soul, my spirit has had to speak up more strongly than my egoic mind. I had to sense the positive power more than the negative nagging. That shift, that sensational shift, has been the shift that has helped me to share my core message more powerfully and broadly. It’s like turning on the magnetism within me. Clients are coming to me with so much less effort, and I’m speaking with more conviction and dynamism on more stages. Even in my 1:1 work, I just feel so much freer with sharing my message. That feels so sensational.

    Thank you for encouraging courage in all of us,

    • KC Baker says:

      Oh Susan, thank you for this. I’m deeply touched. Your message is exquisite, and I’m so glad to get an update on how much you’re rocking it out there! It was absolutely wonderful having you in the course, and it is pure joy to see you and your message blossoming in the world.

      Happy for you!!

      So much love,

  9. Lisa says:

    Short videos, powerful messages. I feel inspired to share what I have to offer without waiting for someone to say that it’s o.k. for me to do it the way I want to do it. Thank you.

  10. Angela says:

    I value my ideas well enough, it’s just that I think who am I to have them! And who do I think I am to put myself out there and share them with the world? That’s for other more worthwhile/qualified people to do right?!

    I wouldn’t normally write in the comments on something like this. I’m still figuring that out – but I think I’m scared to admit I’m part of this, that I’m on this path just like all of you. I don’t want to be seen and heard as someone trying to do this. And there’s an arrogant part of me that doesn’t want to be seen to need help like this. And yet I’m all for help like this! So many contradictions going on. It’s good to share them and figure them out. Good luck to us all ladies xxx

    • KC Baker says:

      Angela, I really honor you for sharing this.

      It is a vulnerable thing to be on this path. And I’m honored to be on it with you. 🙂 You are a woman with so much brilliance and we need your voice.


  11. Natalie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s as if you were speaking directly to me. I have such a fear of public speaking and have also been struggling with what if my message does not make sense to people. I am struggling with who my ideal customer really is. The only way I will know is if I get out there and start sharing my message.

    • KC Baker says:

      I’m so glad this video inspired you, Natalie.

      Yes to getting out there and spreading your message! You can refine it as you go. The important thing is to go out and give it.

      You can do this.


  12. Melanie says:

    Hey KC,
    I have definitely been allowing external validation to stop me cold from sharing. Before I even speak one word of what I believe, I run it through this filter, “how will this be perceived, will they still like me, who am I to tell anyone anything- my situation is just so different” and so on and so on. I know in my head that I have a worthy message and a need to share it, but I cannot come to it in my heart. Now wondering if my wishy washyness in narrowing in on what it is I can really be doing most to serve others is actually just a little cowardice, people pleasing me not wanting to risk it. HMMM, lots to think on and journal about for me. This video series is really getting to it quick for me. Thank you for that

    • KC Baker says:

      Thank you so much for sharing all of this, Melanie. I really hear you. Self doubt can be incredibly intense.

      I encourage you take some time to get deeply in touch with WHY your message is so important. Think of the people who are struggling with the challenge that you can help them with.

      They need you.

      We absolutely need your voice. I believe in you.


  13. Niobe says:

    My career shifted from one on one healing work to include singing and speaking in public 8 years ago. I have performing in my background, but it had been 20 years since I had been in front of an audience. My performance anxiety went from dry mouth and fast heart rate, to phlegm in my throat that wouldn’t go away. It was terrible. Even though I made it past the performance anxiety, I was definitely looking for that outside validation. Did they like the song, my voice,(oh that has been painful to work through) my message. Was it clear, what did they like, not like. Always I was met with compliments, accolades, gratitude and love. Over the years I have gathered a full folder of wonderful heart felt reviews and testimonials. Then one day I realized that of all those heart felt words, tears in peoples eyes, the love and gratitude being given to me, I had not totally accepted them and taken them within myself. I had a block up to the very thing I was seeking. I wanted that outside validation and when I got it, I couldn’t truly accept it. Wow, that was a major turning point. It was the internal validation that I had not connected with. To do that would take courage to be transparent with myself and a deeper understanding of why I couldn’t accept the gift people gave me. I needed to discover and love the One within myself! Now I have that internal validation and understand that I have been given the gift of a message. With wonderful fun gift by which to deliver it! What will my life be like with total internal validation? A Heart-filled,Wonder-filled,Soul-full, Purpose-full life. And I am ready! Thank You KC!

  14. I feared rejection and as I began to meet and talk to people, they were so accepting and open and shared me with others, telling people about me. I felt so good that I just don’t even know what to say but it renewed my confidence level and moved the fear away that was in my way of taking a step. I let it be there and it shouldn’t have been.

  15. Jodie says:

    I think I just made the first step to internal validation this week. I shared my story on Ricki Lake and for the first time ever telling it I felt this sense of empowerment as I really felt like my story was at that moment no longer my own but rather a story that I was giving to others. I didn’t shed a tear feeling that I was not hear to tell MY story but rather I was there for others to hear my story. Not sure if that even makes sense but the piece of my story that I shared was not the real vulnerable part of my story. The vulnerable part is the person I was being before I got a wake up call. The vulnerable part is the part I feel the most apprehensive about and know holds the bigger lessons but I have quite gotten that internal validation I need I guess.

  16. Amie says:

    This is something I have struggled with over the last year, constantly looking to others to validate my ideas and my worthiness. Only now has it become clearer that as long as I believe and own what I say then others will too.

  17. Carie says:

    Ouch — totally pegged!! This fear & need for external validation you speak of has kept me tied up for the last 3+ years. I’ve put myself out there, but only far enough to see if I was getting approval, and when I wasn’t (or even if I was) I’d retreat, for fear that I’d do or say something wrong.

    Thank you for the little nugget on internal validation. If / when I figure out how to do that, EVERYTHING will be different.

  18. Angelina says:


    Love this…thanks for the reminder. I’ve felt stuck in the last year and have felt it hard to connect with my message. This video reminds me that is important to not hold true that I have the wisdom within me…now it’s time to give it space and listen. Sending love, Angelina

  19. Hi KC.
    Thank you very much for your message. I know it is exactly what I need at this point in time. Surprisingly I have always been confident when I speak in management meetings but never in front of people. But things have shifted. I have a message to share with the world and I have to share it. I cannot do that in the boardroom any more. I have to do it on stage. I am working on that courage to go and do it.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, KC! You are so right on with this. It definitely speaks to me across the board with sharing what I desire to share and giving myself internal validation first and foremost — and that creates a strong foundation to not be swayed by whatever happens with what comes in externally. I can see also how I have waited for so much external validation before making moves — and like you said, it doesn’t come, so I stay out of action! Ah! Thank you for this vid!

    PS I love the style of your vid and brand. 🙂

  21. Molly says:

    Thank you KC! I am one of the emerging ones and while I am excited about speaking to groups, writing articles/books and working with people all over the world – my fear is: since my voice is new, no one will listen in the first place. The reality is: whenever I publish or speak on a small scale I usually get external validation that I am on the right track. I just need to remember to keep that validation active when all is quiet, and keep putting out my message regardless of response. I have received the spiritual guidance that this is the case, and many of my mentors have found their audience by doing the same in their younger years. Thanks for putting such positive and supportive energy out there to keep us strong in our purpose ~ I am really enjoying your videos!

  22. Ana Goncalves says:

    Hello KC,

    Thank you for a very insightful video. I have recently discovered you and your work via another Inspirational Leader, and am very grateful to discover what you share with the world and how you help others, especially women.

    I have found you just at the right time through synchronicity. I am more at this space of internal validation where I have the freedom to express who I am and share that with others. Just yesterday I had the experience of sharing my feelings/thoughts and ideas in a talk for the first time by raising my hand twice and that was very empowering and I felt happy and motivated at the same time in sharing. Fear of speaking up has been one of my challenges and this has shifted for me, and I am finding doorways of opportunities propelling me into who I am and what I have to share with the world.

    I am also stepping out and being visible in small ways and that for me is a great internal validation of who I am and what I wish to share. It feels I am more into sharing my message more so now with the world, and stepping out of the ‘comfort’ zone to really serve spirit and I am deeply grateful for that. I’m listening to my intuition and just going with the flow. Today my intention is to act upon something which makes a difference and get my message out there. I see public speaking for the first time very vividly in my vision and to follow that and do it.

    Thank you for your words of encouragement, they are truly inspiring and I am very grateful for you sharing your own message out into the world.

    Blessings of love


  23. Lidija says:

    Dear KC, thank you for this video… When I realized that life is miror,and that everything is inside us…my life started change….

    When we find love inside us, courage we attract people we want… As a Gabby told in her May Cause Mirales..:”When you rise your self – worth, you rise your net- worth, and therefore support the world around you.”… You help me a lot with all your messages…and I put a little ring, too…and made one BIG commitment…:-)… love… Lidija

  24. Karen says:

    Wow, great reminder!!! Internal validation only comes when I am quiet and connected to source. It is in these moments that I know my message has incredible value, I choose to remember that when I speak I am never alone and guidance has blessed me with a voice to speak for the voiceless. I am so grateful for you sharing your wisdom KC I feel so supported externally from what you share and I will go within when I am afraid.

  25. Chantal Cyr says:

    My biggest fear is humiliation. But my insight is that I am learning to have courage to do something. Like take educating myself so I can learn to articulate my message to me and then to others. I think it is the only way I will feel confident.

    My life if I had Total Validation. Wow! The sky would be the limits and I would be living the life of my dreams.

    Thank you Kc. you are opening doors for me.

  26. Mónica says:

    Oh God! KC, you are awesome! As a “newbie on stage” I can relate to everything you say – Can you imagine me upon watching your Commitment video rushing to get myself a ring to wear as a reminder of my commitment with Myself to take action no matter what and keep on working to continuously evolve? You are so right also about the inner work we must do first in order to find courage. We women have been wired and even inspired to doubt about ourselves so much and for so long…Now we can choose to learn and grow. And thanks to people like you, the task is not only enjoyable but a true blessing.
    Thank you! Kind regards, Mónica

  27. rakel Sosa says:

    You are doing such a beautiful job! Thank you!

    I have been working on that courage, and had almost figured it out. You are giving me the last little push I needed to go for it all!

    Thank you!

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