Think about the questions below, and share your answers in the comments section. I want to know what you experience.

Where do you experience your best ideas & insights?

How can having a practice of compassion help you to access more amazing ideas & wisdom for the people you feel called to serve?

Do you currently have a practice of cultivating compassion in your life, and if not, are you willing to take one on?

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21 Responses to Compassion

  1. Tilasa says:

    I love to “open” to the air and light the core of people.
    I love to communicate with their inner divine core and them.And i telling them their beauty, and how to take and DO their power now -here on Earth!
    This is something that a few people know.Because i afraid to say that i can do that. But that moment i feel so much love.
    Thank you

  2. Judith says:

    My best ideas and insights usually come from talking with others, reading, whilst out walking in nature, and, in the twilight of dropping off to sleep.
    I feel that having compassion truly enables me to sensitively tune into my clients so I’m aware of the challenges they have and I can serve them in better ways. I am thinking about THEM and not me!
    The last two and a half months I’ve been practising meditation and doing Kundalini yoga – I’m loving doing both of them. They give me a sacred place, space and time and they really set me up well for the start of the day. 🙂

  3. My greatest insight i have when I talk to the spiritual world. When i ask the avatars , angels and devas for new solutions and healing ways. When i ask how it really works. And get teachings live from the spiritual world of love and death.

    But a hide it. Cause i want to be cool and modern.

  4. Angela says:

    A compassionate mind allows the truth of a situation to emerge, to acknowledge what is really going on and see what is most needed for myself and others, rather than the default of how I feel I “should” respond. Giving ourselves and the world what it needs is compassionate action. It often takes courage but it mostly just takes open eyes, ears and hearts.

  5. Guerdah says:

    1. I experience my best ideas & insights which I call revelations when I wake up in the morning, and when I am in communion with God.

    2. Having a practice of compassion has allowed me to be still and better hear when I am in conversation with others. When I am with the people that I am called to serve, I am able to hear what they say and what they don’t say from a heart space.

    3. I pray, meditate on the word, and also practice Spiritual Distinction Meditation. All this practice which I am able to incorporate more and more in every moment in my life has allowed me to be in a witness observer place. That way I am able to honor the spirit within everyone, and especially within the people I am called to serve.

    4. Thank you for your insights. It made me go within, and it is only the beginning. Thank you.

  6. Melanie says:

    I have been working on my meditation practice. Remembering that it is called “practice” has been essential for me to keep with it since I want it to be a perfect experience. I don’t really even know what that would be, but it has to be more than what I currently experience 🙂 I never really thought of myself as compassionate. I did an exercise recently where I asked friends and family to describe me in three words; so many people called me compassionate and empathetic. I had no idea what the word really meant either. Now I get it and I think they are right. I believe you are right on too, get in touch with that part of me and access the wisdom. I think I will go do some moving meditation with the laundry and dishes right now. Thanks for this series. I had no idea I would have the insights that I have had. This is awesome.

    • KC Baker says:

      I’m so excited to hear these insights from you, Melanie. Gorgeous.

      You already ARE tapping into your innate wisdom. And yes, continuing to deepen your practice will support that even more.

      Really glad you’ve gotten so much out of the videos. Wonderful, work!


  7. Debra Campbell says:

    Good stuff. I do believe that focussing on the caring for the client, compassion for their problem, and what is likely to be of most use to them is a good guide for directing work.

  8. Niobe says:

    The best ways the I experience ideas and insights is from reciting my mantra in prayer time, dancing with community and walking or even driving in nature.

    Having a practice of compassion opens me to being compassionate and real with myself. Being this way with myself, I can relate and feel what is happening with others. I am not alone, we are not alone. We all have the joys and tears of life. Compassion eases, heals and lifts us up!

    I am most willing to deep my experience of compassion. I feel getting more solid in a meditation practice can open this up for me.

  9. Jodie says:

    I get my best ideas in the shower and in the car but I confirm and validate them deeper during yoga and even during weight training! The ideas are not a problem taking them and knowing they are ideas for someone else’s reason and not just my own is where I need to move toward with intention. It’s more of that turning internal as opposed to external and then using the focus to gift it our into the world. I all of a sudden feel greedy keeping my ideas to myself, letting them go, or abandoning them.

  10. I pastor of the charity church in Rwanda I Have an nursery school in are poor main I want your compassion

  11. I finally was able to practice compassion with others when I started having compassion for myself. All too often I judged myself too harshly. When I started looking at myself w compassion I learned to extend it to others. I learned it through my faith, prayer and meditation.

  12. Therese Witt says:

    Thank you so much for this insight! That was a real mindshifter for me. Wow! And so interesting to hear how the kundalini yoga have lifted Gabrielle Bernstein’s ideas. That compassion is the other side of knowledge is a beautiful way of seeing the world, and I must say it really resonates with me in a profound way. It makes sense because knowledge is our shared wisdom, and when we have compassion we open up and connect.

  13. Beejay says:

    1. I experience my best ideas and insights while taking a shower and when driving especially on a long trip.

    2. Practising compassion opens up my heart to experience other people more profoundly. When I approach people that I am called to serve with my heart I feel more connected to them. When I don’t engage my brain (i.e. my active, conscious thoughts)I am less judgemental and more open to messages that come through to me on how best I can be of service.

    3. I don’t practice cultivating compassion; I am compassionate to a fault. Some of my friends think I am too selfless and they get impatient with me when I keep looking for ways to serve…

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